"Ms.B.Haven"  2016!...         Regie: Jango Edwards

Batman, Catman, Fatman, Wonder Woman, Shena, Buffy don't rate there's only one great MS. B HAVEN.

Super HERohhh....
Trained by Jango Edwards..

And then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth that the hero lies in you.




She makes fire dancing,

subjects disappearing,

floating, exploding,

pigeons appearing and laying eggs, ...

Magic sticks turn into rubber, n0,

they are smashed in ther force!

a souverain magician,

even she can´t stand magic... why?

   "I want to be evil"
"I want to be evil"


A good middle-class girl...
sweet smile, always nice, blameless and naive.
But she wants to be somewhat different...
A short number about to be and wanna be!
...once they get off the leash!


Regie: Jango Edwards    Dauer: 5.16min    Musik: Einspielung


"Everybody loves a clown"
"Everybody loves a clown"


to wait, to look for, to find, to get together, to struggle together, to stay together!

For ever or just for a moment... however

-a few moments heartwarming feelings which you wish to have for ever!


Idee: Jango Edwards     Dauer: 8min      Musik: Einspielung

Clownstück: Powerpuff
Clownstück: Powerpuff

Thunder Thights is born as a superhero and is saving the world from the forces of evil every day. The duty of a superhero-since generations  in her family.

But in her inside she feels the desire of a life full of elegance and grace. She wanna be someone else... She wants to be a dancer.

In the inner fight, to live a life with her power and brutality and the wish to be a light and graceful dancer,

she is dancing the ballet of superheroes!


Regie: Jango Edwards      Dauration: 10min     


Part of the Clown woman Festival vienna 2015!

"Why don´t you do right?"
"Why don´t you do right?"

Seductuve and sexy she is visiting nightclubs to question some mans behaveiors.

With a swinging hip insteat with a pointing finger she is showing their weaknesses.

She is giving scolding charming and the little boy  is secretly happy he didn´t behave well...

Regie: Jango Edwards                            Duration: 10min   


„Es sucht der Mensch der Liebe Sinn

seit ewig langen Zeiten
Und hat er sie - am Gängelband
sie wird ihm doch entgleiten

"Gängelband" is the story of a oppression.

The topic "love" is shown- very musical -  very subtil and touching.


Regie: Walter „Kosilo“ Kosar   Duration: 15min   Music: Canned+Live

Clownstück: Big boys
Clownstück: Big boys

 The most beautiful and touching gift to a woman.

A heart melting love confession .

Brave and a bit nervous he opens his heart.

But what happens if she doesn´t want his love?

Outside hard and inside soft or

inside hard and outside soft?


Regie: Jango Edwards   Duration: 8min   Music: canned