"Life is live" (we can be heroes)

stassenshow Life is Live (c)Kosilo
stassenshow Life is Live (c)Kosilo



A streetshow about a superhero and her mission to save the world! Superbanana!
 She has an eye for People in dangerous situations and helps whereever she is needed. Sometimes even when she is not needed but she knows... the evil can be everywhere.

And she is challanging the evil creatures.
 So it might happen to find some people of the audience  in the middle of a fight in the style of wrestle mania. 

Or wouldnd it better and peacefuller to go on holyday thogether? A bit weired, a Little lost but alway loyal to her duty to save the world she is creating interactive, improvised szenes and invites the audience to join the game. At the end she does the jump into the icecold water and everybody becomes a hero!

Cause to laught is one of the few positive weapons we all have! - Lets use it!

Ring free for Superbanana!


Directed by Peter Weyel, inspired and trained by Jango Edwards and Humungus (Wrestling School Austria)

Photos: (c) Martin Hafner, (c) Christina Schmölz,  (c) Walter Kosar


Lindau Hafenspektakel-Germany

Linz Pflasterspektakel-Austria

Villach Straßenkunstfestival-Austria

Friedrichshafen Kulturufer-Germany

Buskers Vienna-Austria

Straßentheatertage Leipzig

Buskers fest České Budějovice

Klinkerzauber Schortens

Int. Clownfestival Innsbruck

Buri Cama night, Tokyo



Zürich Theaterspektakel